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It is first necessary to be healthy

in order to lose weight and

not that losing weight makes you healthy.


My father is a classic example of metabolic syndrome patient. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, a high blood sugar level, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels — that occur together. He is aged 75 and had an angioplasty done a year ago because two of his big arteries were above 90% blocked. After undergoing coronary stent placement, he was put on Co-Plavix medication, which is a vital blood-thinning drug that contains aspirin, before switching to Plavix after a year. His prescription includes 4 to 5 other drugs for his heart and blood pressure conditions. These drugs cause his feet to swell and gastric pain almost every day. To counter the side effects, he was given more drugs including acid blockers. After some months, his arms began to show patches of dark brown colour and the skin colour tone also darkened and turned very dry. His doctor told us these were the side effects of drugs.

My father also endured a few rounds of antibiotics treatment for his other health problems. His immune weakened. His metabolism was poor and toxins built up in his body and reflected in the arms.

chlorogenic and quinic acid


August 13 2015

Seeing no end to this, my father was unhappy every day. We persuaded him to try other natural alternatives. He started taking Lean ‘n Slim™ and Happy Oligo® on Aug 4th 2015. You can find here a picture taken on Aug 13, which is already a shade lighter than Aug 4th.


We Use

We use Happy Oligo® to help proliferate his intestinal flora so that he can digest his food better and to optimize his absorption of nutrients. We use Lean ‘n Slim™ green coffee extract to help remove the fat deposits in the bloodstream in order to hasten his blood circulation and metabolism. We are extremely surprised of the result.

He used to pass smelly wind. After a month, there was no more smelly flatulence. This means his digestion has improved. The dryness in the mouth also lessened. The patches of dark brown bruises and burnt color tone slowly disappeared and the overall skin tone lightened.

chlorogenic and quinic acid

October 26 2015

The burnt colour tone on both arms lessened by the days. The accumulating toxins were slowly purged day by day. You can find here a picture taken two months later on October 26 2015.



One Month Duration

Daily dosage of 30g of Happy Oligo® and 4g of green coffee extract.

chlorogenic and quinic acid

Eczema: May 10 2014 (Before)

This patient started with bacterial infection and then became eczema.
On May 10 2014, he started consuming 100g of Happy Oligo® and 12g of green coffee extract daily.



May 28 2014 (After)

He also applied 真の珠 Nanometer Pearl Powder on the skin. Above pictures show before and after a period of 18 days.

chlorogenic and quinic acid

Sun Allergy

This lady suffers from sun allergy, meaning allergic to sunlight. In January 2011, she started taking 100g of Isomalto oligosaccharide daily for a period of 4 months. In May 2014, she started taking green coffee extract.

2011 Jan 2011 Apr 2014 Sep
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“the person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease, and once from the medicine.”

― William Osler

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